Practical driving lessons

Objective: To establish driving habits for you that will remain with you for the rest of your life.

Goal: To ensure you become a safe, competent and confident driver.
Not just a licensed driver.

Duration: Lessons are one hour (unless otherwise arranged).

Appointments: All appointments (day, date, time and pickup location) are to be arranged between the Student and the Instructor. The Instructor has the right to re-arrange any appointments should they become unavailable to attend. The Instructor will notify the Student as soon as possible. Re-arranged appointments for lessons will be made at a time that is convenient for both the Student and the Instructor. If your Instructor is late for the lesson then an arrangement will be made to make up for the time lost. The Instructor will notify the Student as soon as possible if the Instructor is running late. If the Student is late for the lesson the Student may lose that time off their lesson if they have not contacted the Instructor prior to due time. The Instructor will wait up to 15 minutes at the arranged pick-up location if the Student is late. If there are parking restrictions then the Instructor will return to see if the Student has arrived as reasonably often as possible. For non-appearances the lesson may be charged for.

Cancellations: The Instructor requires 24 hours notice to change, postpone or cancel a lesson. Failure to give notice may result in the lesson booked being charged for.

Notice: Communication between the Student and Instructor shall have an agreed method to give each other notice of any change of day, date, time or pick-up location.

Code of Conduct: Student and Instructor are expected to maintain an appropriate positive and safe attitude during lessons. Student and Instructor must both bring with them their driver’s licence at all times during practical on-road instruction and wear glasses if required for driving. No licence no lesson. Suitable footwear must be worn: That is, No Jandals/Stilettos. The Instructor has the right to refuse or withdraw instruction before or during a lesson if the Student appears to be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol or is being abusive.

Payment for Lessons: Fees for instruction are payable at the commencement of each lesson, either by cash, cheque or internet banking. Internet account number: 12 3069 0335830 00 Sorry EFTPOS/Credit card facilities are not available. Receipts issued upon request.