Q. How many lessons will I need?

A. There are no hard and fast rules for how long it will take to become a safe and competent driver. Each person has a different learning rate. Your ability to observe traffic regulations, control the vehicle and identify hazards are the key ingredients. In most cases all this can be covered within 10-15 lessons. Additional lessons may be needed to build up confidence. If you have a person (Supervisor) who is able to take you for practice sessions between lessons it will reduce the number of lessons you require.

Q. How quickly can I learn to drive?

A. Driving skills take practice over time. Some people can learn to drive in a fortnight with a lesson a day but on average it takes 8 to 12 weeks. NZTA “Driving Test” for a restricted licence is designed for testing someone that has had about 120 of driving before being able to pass. Not all of this time needs to be with an Instructor.

Q. When can I take my Restricted Test?

A. 6 months after you have passed your Learner’s test.

Q. I don’t have transport; can lessons be taken where I live?

A. Yes, we provide a door-to-door service, this means that we will pick you up from your house, school or work and drop you off at a different location if you require.

Q. Can the pick-up and drop-off location be different?

A. Yes.

Q. What do I need to be able to take lessons?

A. You will need a New Zealand Learner’s, Restricted Licence or an Overseas Licence.

Q. Can I use my own car?

A. Yes but it must be registered have a current WOF and be up to Warrant of Fitness standard.

Q. Do you give help with Road Code study?

A. To help you pass your Learners licence there are two website that I recommend.
The first is Driving Tests this site has all the questions and answers that you need to get your learners licence. The answers on this site vary slightly from the actual test answers but are excellent to test your knowledge of the road code. This is a FREE site.
The second site is Road Code Practice which has all the questions and answers that are in the NZ Transport Agency learner licence test. This is a PAY site.

Q. What days do you give lessons?

A. I am available Monday to Friday and most Saturdays and Sundays. 

Q. What time can I take lessons?

A. From 9am to 7pm in the winter and 7am to 9pm in the summer. Night lessons by arrangement.

Q. How often should I have lessons?

A. About once a week to once a fortnight.

Q. What is a supervisor?

A. When you drive on your learner licence, you must always drive with a supervisor.

Your supervisor must:

Hold a current and valid full New Zealand licence (which does not have a supervisor condition) for the same class of vehicle you are learning to drive.

Have held their New Zealand full licence (or an equivalent overseas licence) for at least two years.

Sit in the passenger seat next to you at all times when you are driving.

Carry their driver licence with them.