Driving Lessons

A practical lesson is the hands-on side of learning to drive.

To take you for your lesson you will have an experienced, patient Driving Instructor who holds the appropriate LTNZ Instructor’s licence.

You get a full hour of tuition for each lesson.

You get a personalised lesson plan for your individual requirements to enable you to become a safe and competent driver.

Bookings are made with your Instructor who will pick you up at the address that suits you best. You can be dropped off at a different location if you wish.

You will not just be taught how to pass the “Driving Test” but be taught all aspects of driving so you are a safe and competent driver who will be able to pass any test.

My goal is to ensure you become a safe, competent and confident driver – not just a licensed driver.

Pass rates that are published vary from 51% to 57% for a restricted test in 2018.

The NZ Transport Agency does not seem to have the variable of 1st time verses many times sitting just a pass rate which includes all no matter how many times they have sat the test.

In general more people are sitting the test and the failure rate has risen.

My personal pass rate is 90+% for first time restricted test.

From Stuff 30/09/2018

Pass rates from 2018 compared to 2007:

Auckland: 39,687 sat, 51% pass; 2007: 27,970 sat, 77% pass

BOP: 7036 sat, 62% pass; 2007: 5197 sat, 81% pass

Gisborne/Hawke’s Bay: 4954 sat, 56% pass; 2007: 4058 sat, 78% pass

Manawatū/Whanganui: 6899 sat, 60% pass; 2007: 4463 sat, 84% pass

Marlborough/Nelson: 3249 sat, 72% pass; 2007: 2534 sat, 81% pass

Northland: 3672 sat, 67% pass; 2007: 3099 sat, 76% pass

Ōtago: 5012 sat, 59% pass; 2007: 3327 sat, 82% pass

Southland: 2032 sat, 76% pass; 2007: 1808 sat, 87% pass

Taranaki: 2628 sat, 62% pass; 2007: 2395 sat, 71% pass

Waikato: 15,260 sat, 58% pass; 2007: 8810 sat, 82% pass

Wellington: 11,501 sat, 55% pass; 2007: 8126 sat, 77% pass

West Coast/Canterbury: 14,864 sat, 58% pass; 2007: 9895 sat, 86% pass