Company Risk Management

Company Risk Management Programme

If your company runs a fleet of vehicles, I can reduce your operating costs (fuel, insurance, R&M, downtime and driver stress) and help you comply with OSH requirements for your employees.

I have a programme designed for company vehicle drivers to save you fuel, insurance, R&M, downtime and driver stress.

In brief, the programme is a 1-2 hour seminar followed by an Advanced Driver Assessment (ADA) which is a 45+ minute drive with each participant that will provide an analysis of their driving habits. This covers the seven key manoeuvres (such as pulling out into traffic) and observing how the driver complies with the law, their hazard scanning, detection and response. At the end of the drive there is a detailed debrief. Certificates are issued to people who have safe driving habits. Drivers who need to improve their habits to become safe drivers will be given a list of recommended tuition areas.

To get your company started email for further information.